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Charlie Thompson died along with her friend Olivia Bazlinton, in a terrible train accident at Elsenham Station in Essex on December 3rd 2005.

Charlie and Liv were on their way to do their Christmas shopping in Cambridge. Without realising it, the girls stepped in front of a London bound Express train travelling in excess of 70 mph. The station was later found to fall below acceptable safety standards and a faulty risk assessment had been carried out several months earlier, incorrectly concluding that the station was safe. A bridge will be built across the tracks with a completion date set for late Autumn 2007. The bridge will make the station safer for the many hundreds of school children who must use it on a daily basis and for the many thousands of commuters for whom Elsenham station is their point of departure. The bridge will be too late to save Charlie and Liv.

A year after Charlie died, some family friends travelled to Mongolia and wrote Charlie’s name in stones in the Gobi desert. This beautiful, spontaneous act, is the inspiration for WRITECHARLIESNAME.

Charlie wanted to travel and to see the world... Now we will help her to realise her wish and in her name we will do all that we can to help children wherever there is need.

To this end we have linked with a local charity called Khandel Light and our first aim is to buy a school bus for children in one of the most impoverished regions of India.

Charlie Thompson loved life and she loved this planet. In her short life she devoted herself to helping others, not just people but animals. She loved the countryside, the trees, grass, flowers, streams, rivers... she loved it if it rained or if it snowed. She loved the sun and the moon.

Charlie’s name has already been written on a beach in The Falkland Islands, in snow in Antarctica, on the Great Wall of China, on The Golden gate Bridge in San Francisco, in the rain forests of Brazil and on a statue of the heroes of THE ALAMO in Texas.

Our aim is to write Charlie’s name in every country in the world.

To raise money, we will ask Companies and Organisations to sponsor Charlie on her travels. We hope that eventually every country in the World will find a different sponsor and that each time you write Charlie’s name, it will trigger the payment of a sponsor’s donation.

So please, wherever you are or wherever you are going, spend 5 minutes thinking of Charlie... Write her name with your toe in the sand, or use stones or flowers, twigs or sea shells, or just get all your friends and spell her name with people...or write her name on a piece of paper and hold it up before the camera..

We will put it on this site and please feel free to add any comments you like and put your name and location, time of day if you want to... what the weather was like... and don't worry, we can never have too many pictures.

Eventually we hope to publish a book and proceeds from any sales will also go to charity.

Charlie Thompson Charlie Thompson
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