Sponsor a country

Please sponsor Charlie in her quest to travel to every country in the world.

People are always raising money by undertaking challenging and daring adventures.

Charlie is different.

By helping her spirit to circumnavigate the globe, you will be doing something that has never before been done. You will bring hope and inspiration to many bereaved parents and help to raise money for living children whose lives are under constant threat. Children who have almost no water, the bare minimum of food and little chance of an education which might give them a chance to compete in the world.

We would like you to sponsor Charlie by sponsoring a country.

For example, you may wish to donate £100 to sponsor Italy. Your Company logo and contact details will feature next to the country of your choice so that the many visitors to the site will appreciate your generosity as they look at the pictures of Charlie’s name.

If you choose to sponsor Charlie, we will also list your name and company on a separate sponsors page.

Sponsorship will remain valid for one year.

Please do something remarkable. Help Charlie and keep her spirit alive and help desperate children.

Thank you.

We would like to suggest a minimum donation of £100 per country as we hope to raise c. £20,000 to purchase a school bus. There are one hundred and ninety three countries in the world meaning that if Charlie is successful, we will achieve our target figure.

Contact us here.

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